University Scholarships Malaysia 2016

Posted: March 3, 2016 By: Comment: 0
Graduates throwing hats in the air

Congrats to those who obtain good results in SPM 2016. Here are a list of scholarships for all Malaysian… Students may want to consider applying. Please understand that some scholarships may need students to attend interview which can be a distance from their home.

  1. Maxis Scholarships
  2. Commonwealth Scholarships
  3. Maybank Scholarships
  4. KDU Scholarships
  5. Taylor World Class Scholarships
  6. USCI University Trust Scholarships
  7. Petronas Education Scholarships
  8. BP Scholarships
  9. Elena Cooke Education Fund
  10. Yayasan ABM Scholarships
  11. Singapore Government Scholarships
  12. UEM Group Scholarships Program
  13. PNB Global Scholarship Award
  14. Panasonic Scholarships
  15. KPMG Asian Scholarships 2016
  16. Malaysia Global Leaders Scholarship
  17. Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarship
  18. Lion Parkson Foundation Scholarship
  19. Sri KDU International Scholarship
  20. Segi High Achiever Scholarship
  21. Yayasan Telekom Malaysia Scholarship
  22. MACC Scholarship
  23. Yayasan Sime Darby Scholarship
  24. Yayasan Tenaga Berhad Scholarship
  25. Peneraju Tunas Berhad Scholarship
  26. Khazanah Watan Scholarship
  27. Mudajaya Group Scholarship
  28. City U Pro Chencelor Scholarship
  29. Romania State International Scholarship
  30. Zakar Maik Scholarship
  31. Taiwan International Scholarship
  32. Chinese Government Scholarship
  33. Pam Feruni  Ceramiche Scholarship
  34. Fair and Lovely Scholarship
  35. SPYTL Scholarship
  36. Intel Malaysia Scholarship
  37. USCI Trust University Scholarship
  38. Segi ACE Scholarship
  39. Segi Sports Scholarship
  40. Tan Sri Ahamad Razali Scholarship
  41. Khoo Yew Yin Scholarship
  42. University Sheffield Undergraduate Scholarship
  43. University of Southampton High Achiever ScholarshipMalaysia
  44. USCI University Trust Sports Bursary Scholarships
  45. USCI University Trust A Level Scholarships
  46. Chong Hong Sow Scholarship of Excellence
  47. Curtin Canning Scholarship
  48. University of Surey Merit Scholarship