How to apply for PTPTN after SPM ? We understand that most of the Malaysian rely on the PTPTN to pursue their education in the private colleges and universities, but how do you make your first step to apply for the PTPTN

Students who are offered into IPT

  1. If you have are in any private college, you may want to ask the students administration department. Normally the university will help you to apply since it is easier for private institution to deal with the government body.
  2. Some of this condition must be met before you start thinking to apply
    1. You must be a Malaysian
    2. Does not exceed 45 years old
    3. Must be offered a place in IPTA where students must fulfil the entry requirement set by MOE
    4. For IPTS, please make sure the course you take in the College and University must be approved my MQA
    5. Has no other sponsor
    6. Must have i-sspn

Please make sure you have you all the required information